April 2103

Michelle Margo, Bridgeport CT

I have been a client of Loukia’s since 2010 and highly recommend her services! I’ve always felt completely comfortable leaving my dogs in her care while I am away – she is trustworthy, devoted to excellence and treats my dogs as if they are her own.  Unlike many boarding facilities, a stay with Loukia includes exercise, socialization in a safe and caring environment and sleeping accommodations in the “dog living room” filled with pillows, blankets and beds! I know that my dogs are happy and enjoying their own “vacation” while I am away.  In addition, she is very knowledgeable in the area of holistic care and nutrition.  Before meeting Loukia, I was unaware of the benefits of feeding my dogs a diet of “whole foods” including fresh vegetables and protein.  She also introduced me to the use of natural herbal supplements and nutraceutical remedies to improve my dogs’ immune system and overall health.  I believe these all natural products work better than traditional (and often unsafe) alternatives.  Three years after following her nutritional guidance my dogs are healthier than ever!

WPS-testimonial_0008March 2013

Samantha Abrahams, Stamford CT

I am incredibly grateful to Wholistic Pet Services , and feel truly lucky that when I am out of town they are the caretakers of my most adored dog, Mushi Luv Bunni.  Holistic Pet Services is not simply a boarding facility and that is why I love it.  I could not bear the thought of leaving Mushi some place where he would be locked in a crate for most of the time he was there.

The folks at Wholistic have so much passion and integrity for their work.  They have an uncommon and gifted understanding of dogs.  They love what they do and are fantastic at it.  I trust how much they love it when I see how Mushi reacts to their presence…his whole body wags with joy.!

Unfortunately, when I travel I can’t bring Mushi along with me, but thanks to Wholistic Pet I can leave Mushi behind with peace of mind that he will not only receive the best care possible, but will also have a blast and be given the love and adoration I feel he deserves even when I am not there to give it to him.

Mushi started training to be a therapy dog at a very young age and I didn’t want him to lose ground when I am away.   Loukia helps him stay on task with his manners and obedience and Mushi also gets the opportunity to socialize with other dogs.  I know he gets plenty of exercise, and lots of attention.  It’s great that I can call and get an update about how Mushi is doing.     And as an added bonus they take the best photos and videos!    We are discovering that Mushi is a very photogenic puppy!!  On one occasion, Mushi was having some minor GI issues and without hesitation Loukia nursed him back to health with her healing real food recipes.

So with the utmost of gratitude, I thank you Wholistic Pet Services!   You go above and beyond simply keeping Mushi happy, nourished, and healthy…when he stays with you it’s like going to visit his extended family and the best doggy resort all in one.

WPS-testimonial_0007February 2013

Martin Withers, Stamford CT

Wholistic Pet Services was a wonderful addition to our family’s routine.  We started with them for daily doggie day care services and they were able to consult with us on everything from vet services to training and diet.  Their attention to our pets needs was tremendous and their all-around knowledge about all dog matters was refreshing.  Their flexibility around our schedules was ideal for our hectic schedule.  We had an overall great experience with their services.

WPS-testimonial_0006December 2012

Elaine Krasne, Greenwich CT

About a year ago Wholistic Pet Services gave us Tilly – a shepherd mix that they had rescued in Greece.

Tilly has the best manners possible in a dog and is very calm, very affectionate and super easy to take with us wherever we go. Loukia’s healthy food and herbal supplements have also made her a very healthy and low maintenance dog. Her coat is thick and shiny and we receive endless compliments wherever we go. Thank you Loukia for our Tilly – don’t know how we ever lived without her!!

WPS-testimonial_0005July 2012

Betsy Barrett, Westport CT

I can’t thank you enough for all of the love and care you have shown Bronte, the “meows” and me. We couldn’t have managed the last 8 months without you! I’d say we will miss you, but I fully expect to plan to meet up for some gossip and play dates! Come visit us any weekend in our new home!

WPS-testimonial_0004May 2012

Alan & Tami Lindner, Jupiter FL

Alan and I, thank you so very much spending all of the time & work you did with Neo!   I’m so very impressed with the love & care you put into all of the dogs you take under your wings! Neo is an exceptional dog that has adapted so well and quickly into our family!   My other Corso – Mac Kenzie has gained so much more confidence since Neo has been brought into our lives I can’t thank you enough………Keep up the great work!


WPS-testimonial_0003December  2011

Ingrid Bischoff, Greenwich CT

Thank you for being so dedicated to The Life of Lacy!

Getting a rescue dog  can be overwhelming, especially if it is a dog with special needs. You were there from the beginning teaching me about the right foods, snacks, collars, paw care, how to take her in public and you even got into our pool and taught her how to swim, which is now her favorite all-time activity. What I appreciate most is that your concern and love for the dog come first.  Lacy felt comfortable with you right away and your magic with her started immediately.  On your first visit, you taught my daughter and I how to make her (and us) feel relaxed and calm which was especially important considering her neglectful background and numerous homes.

WPS-testimonial_0002One of the best things you told me was not to treat her like she was handicapped.  When we got her we were told that couldn’t swim and couldn’t climb stairs…now she does both.  She has no idea that she only has three legs! Thank you for always being on time, your patience, answering all my endless questions and even inviting me into your home and treating me to one of the best coffees ever. I don’t know who is luckier to have you in their lives…the dog or the owner!

WPS-testimonial_0001August 2011

Melissa & John S. Stamford CT

The team at Wholistic is without a question passionate about dogs!

They took excellent care of our 2 years old shepherd mix Ginger for a full week. They sent us updates, photos and videos throughout the week so we knew that she was having a blast and was really happy with the Wholistic dog pack.

On top of providing our dog the exercise and socialization that she needs,  they corrected unwanted behavior and gave us lots of professional advice. It is very reassuring and Ginger will definitely go back on our next vacation!

WPS-testimonial_0000August 2011

Shawna Aidone, Old Greenwich CT

I highly recommend Wholistic Pet Services.  The care they put forth into their work comes natural and they enjoy what they do.   It is wonderful to know that Sienna is safe and happy staying at the “Resort” whenever we travel.    Loukia is very flexible with pick ups and drop offs and any changes in our schedule which is unique in the dog boarding world.     I am also very pleased to be learning of the holistic treatments that are available to us through Wholistic as well!



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