Health & Nutrition

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of care”

**Benjamin Franklin

How could we not agree with one of our Founding Fathers?

Our motto for the Holistic Family (us humans and all our dog friends) is: “you are what you eat” and that prevention of disease is the cornerstone of a happy and balanced life in humans and canines.  And in these days of outrageous medical bills, visits to the Vet, x-rays, MRI’s and medications can set a family’s budget back very seriously.

The human members of Wholistic Pet Services, LLC cook at home and bless their food and water.  We keep healthy and centered by integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine methods such as acupuncture and eastern nutrition with yoga, meditation and massage.

As we cook for ourselves, so we cook for our own dogs and our K9 guests.  Our ultimate goal is to develop and support a healthy immune system.  A strong immune system guarantees that many infections will not appear in the first place!


For dogs that are already presenting with skin, intestinal, yeast and other minor problems we use a variety of herbal remedies from created by Veterinarian Dr. Bob Goldstein and his wife Susan.  For more serious diseases (Cancer, Addison’s etc.) we can help support your dog’s health while going through medical treatments.

We are very much against chemicals at Wholistic Pet Services, LLC.  Our experience with our own dogs has taught us that disease prevention and cure, is feasible only with nature’s help.   Since 2012 we stopped using Frontline, Advantix or any other chemical flea & tick control with 100% success.     Ask us how to protect your dogs this year using strictly herbal powders and tinctures!


Wholistic Pet Services, LLC offers “mini cooking courses” for owners who wish to do the best for their dogs AND for their wallet.     

We will show you how to buy and cook “raw” at home – using the same ingredients you use for your human family.  This can save you a lot of money, as purchasing ready -made “raw” food combinations can be extremely costly.

We also offer “K9 Catering” for busy professionals on the go.   We can deliver to your door – freshly cooked for the day or frozen portions for the whole week.

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