Dog Walking with an Edge

Our philosophy is “Quality NOT Quantity”.

We pick up the “team” of dogs daily from your home and take them on long hikes in Cranbury Park, Calf Pasture and the Cascades at Lake Mohegan. This is the most natural way for dogs to socialize, relax and get exercise as nature intended. During the hikes we reinforce training on certain commands like “come”, “stay”, “no” and “stay with me”, so that your pet will become a better companion for your own family walks.




New additions to the “regulars” train first in the Wholistic Resort garden so that we make sure they are comfortable with the “team”. This has proven very helpful for clients who wish to integrate a newly adopted dog into their existing pack or for clients with dogs that have not had enough socialization.


For dogs that need an extreme physical workout we will also use a mini-scooter and roller blade runs.

Walks and play-dates offer great opportunity for unique “photo ops”!  We enjoy taking photos and videos which we send you via iphone, so you can keep up with your furry friend’s activities and also create a fabulous photo album!


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